Motorbike and Car Rentals Service


The daily motor bike rental is 200 baht / day and available for long term 15 days 2600 baht and 1 month 5,000 baht


This Suzuki jeep daily rental is 1000 baht / and available for long term 15 days 14,000 baht and 1 month 27,000 baht


This Toyota  Corola Altis daily rental is 1,500 baht / and available for long term 15 days 19,500  baht and 1 month 39,000 baht.

Rental Condition

We allow to rent the cars only to drive in Koh Samui.

The driver must show driving license on the rental  day.

Driver must be read and sign rental agreement. All cars cover the insurance.

One day rental is 24 hours.

We will require a deposit 50% for booking in advance by bank transfer or cash and 100% will be require on the rental day.

We will require photo copy of your passport on the rental day.

Kindly return the car at least 3 hours before your departure Koh Samui.

The balance payment must be cash only.


Noted Motorbike rental no insurance cover but car cover  insurance and please read all details on our rental contract agreement.

Tour Details

the temple with mumy monk to pay your respect to the mummified munk. Even though he passed away many years ago, his body does not decay. You can also try rubbing a large Gong to prove your merit.

1.Book airport or ferry pier pick up plus around the island tours 4 hours including transfer to your hotel only 2,500 baht for maximum 6 person. 2. Book airport or ferry pier pick up and drop off plus book around the island tour 6 hrs. only 3,000 baht for maximum 6 person. 3. Rent a van with drive