Transfer Service & Price

Koh Samui Airport
to / From Choengmon Beach 450
  Chaweng Beach 450
  Bophud Beach 450
  Maenam Beach 500
  Bangpor Beach 600
  Nothon 700
  Lipa  900
  Houthanon 800
  Lamai Beach 600
Suratthani Airport
to / From Your hotel in Samui 5000
  Your hotel in Krabi 8000
  Your hotel in Phanga 8500
  Your hotel in Phuket 9500
Santiburi Golf
to / From Choengmon Beach 500
  Chaweng Beach 600
  Bophud Beach 500
  Maenam Beach 400
  Bangpor Beach 500
  Nathon 600
  Lipa  700
  Houthanon 700
  Lamai Beach 700
Ferry Pier Seatrans or Raja
to / From Choengmon Beach 600
  Chaweng Beach 600
  Bophud Beach 600
  Maenam Beach 600
  Bangpor Beach 500
  Nothon 600
  Lipa  600
  Houthanon 600
  Lamai Beach 600
Maenam Pier and Bangrak Pier
to / From Choengmon Beach 400
  Chaweng Beach 400
  Bophud Beach 400
  Maenam Beach 400
  Bangpor Beach 400
  Nothon 600
  Lipa  800
  Houthanon 700
  Lamai Beach 600


1. The above priced per car and maximum 6 person

2. For Suratthani Airport excluding ferry ticket and will have 
the extra cost 150 baht/ person
3. Taxes and service charged are not incluidng 


Tour Details

the temple with mumy monk to pay your respect to the mummified munk. Even though he passed away many years ago, his body does not decay. You can also try rubbing a large Gong to prove your merit.

Na Muang Waterfall is situated 10 km south from Nathon at Ban Thurian. There are actually two waterfalls. Na Muang one is 18 meter high and can be reached by vehicle. Na Muang two is about 80 meters high and can only be reached by a 30 minute walk. These waterfalls are rated the most beautiful on Ko